A timeline of wetfish

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(09:38:53) rachel: wetfish started when I was 15 then that spring skempel showed up?
(09:39:04) rachel: I can't remember if there was a year of bullshit before him or just a few months
(09:39:13) rachel: there should be a timeline

Check out Timefish for a counter since wetfish's inception.

Wetfish Classic2005 - 2008: "The early years"

December 29th, 2005 - Wetfish is born
Spamming 4chan
2006 - Brosis
Skype parties

New Old Fish2008 - 2010: "Growing pains"

Doates vs Wittle
Living in the woods
Living at elberon
Drugs everywhere

Wetfish Cafe2010: "Wetfish in real life"

The first wetfish house
Drama ensues

Wetfish Research Center2011 - 2014: "Wetfish in the Rockies"

Rachel gets a "real" job
Devnill and rachel go for a crazy road trip across the country
Soupwhale IRC linked with FishNet
Kayimbo comes too
Sunday, April 1, 2012 - In response to the NSA building a giant datacenter, #wetfish switches to SSL only
The assimilation of PIBDGAF
The wiki reaches 2000 pages
Cameras everywhere
Wetfish BBS launched as the community's first completely open source project.

Fish House2014 - Today: "idk there's a garden"

Rachel and Devnill get awesome programming jobs
Then they buy a house
The great data loss of 2015
After the great data loss, significant effort was put into revitalizing the wiki and encouraging participation
The return of Wetfish Daily News
The creation of FishBux
A system was created for suggesting and voting on featured content

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