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Saturday, March 9, 2024

Wiki finally gets an upgrade!!
It's been a long time coming, but the Wetfish wiki has finally been upgraded from PHP v5.6 to version 8! meleeman is the star of the show for completing this bounty as well as the bounty for enabling Flash embeds using the ruffle.js library. After all these years the flash embed on the brosis page finally works again. 🎉

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Kate unleashes gpter and diffuser at the same time!!
That's right, gpter and diffuser are both running simultaneously! Now you can talk to a llama AI model and generate stable diffusion AI images at the same time! For years Kate had to pick which AI model was running on her GPU. At first she tried adding more GPUs to her motherboard, but it wasn't stable. Now she's using dedicated computers for each AI model instead

Note: this actually happened like a week ago but I finally got around to posting about it today

Monday, July 31, 2023

Ceph wusses out
   In wetfish news today, Ceph was indeed afraid of his little sisters tight ass.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Socialist Mulch Lines
   Rachel recently discovered that her local government is SOCIALIST and will give you stuff for FREE if you show up at the right place and time! So she hitched up the trailer and drove out there to receive a huge, dirty load of COMMIE MULCH to spread on Fish Mountain. (Actually, the government just wants rid of all the mulch it makes chopping down trees around the city, and is happy to let people take it off their hands for free.) Check out itsrachelfish on YT for more!

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

The Death Of Poomp
   It starts with a user called Castalia. #poomp was Castalia’s home, where she invited her friends after she decided she couldn’t handle the main chat while going through some pretty intense personal stuff. Rachel and Castalia have known one another since they were both kids, and Castalia was an OG Wetfish member.

   Enter the election cycle of 2016. It was a Hell of an election cycle, everyone was mad at everyone else, and the structure of interaction on the Internet was such that not only did our communities fracture, our ideas about what was true, or even acceptable, stopped being shared. Around this time, a chunk of users started to break off from the main chat and hang out ever more in #poomp. Over the course of the next few years, as most of Wetfish matured, the 4chan-level shitposters hanging out in #poomp started to be personas non grata in a gradually-more-polite main chat. Eventually it was, tacitly, effectively turned into a containment zone for users that many saw as becoming increasingly toxic.

    #poomp had long since been unlisted from the IRC index, but couldn't be hidden from the Matrix channel index. Recently, after some particularly hateful discussion going well beyond mere use of the n-word, Rachel went into #poomp and said she didn’t really want this sort of content on her network. When asked to moderate the chat, Castalia instead opted to take her chatroom elsewhere. All at once, in the space of a couple of hours, #poomp was vacated, and some of the oldest and most dedicated shitposters on the network departed for their own IRC server. Whether that’s the sad conclusion of a schism between old friends, or akin to the excision of a tumor, depends on who you ask. (Probably some of both.)

See ya guys!

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

welcome pdonghole; meleeman updates coming soon; more
Wut do, Wetfishians?

Catgirl gonzo journalist here

Rachel assigned me to a couple of stories!

One is to welcome and announce the return of user pdonghole aka dsockwell

Ive been told he's been gone for three years, and also is looking for people in Denver who want to go shoot guns with him. Join #gunfish if you want to make plans?

Rachel says that when asked what inspired him to come back to Wetfish, he said that YouTube recommended watching Rachel's new trailbuilding video.

I am a journalist. This is a news article. Ooooo I'm newsing sjdkfjsdf;jsiodffff

Until next time...


Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Kate is back with more AI mayhem
gpter has been unleashed onto FishNet, a chatbot trained on 6 years of Wetfish chat logs. gpter's brain uses 28 gigabytes of RAM on two graphics cards and was trained on a server with 1.73 terabytes of RAM, 240 CPU cores, and 8 GPUs for a total of 640 GB of VRAM. The training server only cost $12 US dollars per hour (approximately the same cost as one WalMart employee) for about 7 hours to summon this demon from the depths of hell. Users in many channels across the network have all welcomed this new addition to the community with open arms. When asked if the bot was sentient it confidently replied:

< kate> gpter: are you sentient?
< gpter> Yes
< kate> well
< kate> there you go

Unfortunately gpter was unable to pass the animal speed turing test and is still not allowed to join #dryfish.

 <&rachel> gpter: what is the fastest marine mammal? 
 < gpter> r⁣a⁣c⁣h⁣e⁣l⁣, dolphin
 <&rachel> wow you did it
 <&rachel> you actually gave the right answer
 <&rachel> gpter: what's the fastest animal?
 < gpter> r⁣a⁣c⁣h⁣e⁣l⁣, shark
 < kate> lmfao
 <&rachel> lolllll
 < kmbo> gpter what are some flaws with the turning test?
 < gpter> im serious
 <&rachel> not allowed into dryfish yet until you learn how to use a search engine

It's amazing to see how far we've come since the early days with Markov chains like red and denice. This just goes to show that even though AI superintelligences are a scary possible future, everyone should arm themselves with their own AI superintelligence to protect themselves from other people with evil AI superintelligences. Just like guns!!

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Kate unleashes a deadly AI
The internet has been taken by storm. A blitzkrieg of automatically generated images has flooded social media from IRC to Instagram. Over the past couple days #wetfish has been completely taken over by users using artificial intelligent neural networks to create stunning and bizarre works of art.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Fishy Quotes Without Repeating!!
Finally after years of people bitching on IRC and over a year and a half since this issue was opened on GitHub, rachel spent an hour of her precious time fixing fishy's quote database to prevent displaying repeated quotes. Rothen was first to jump in and test the new and improved functionality in #botspam.

23:01 < Rothen> !quote rothen
23:01 < Rothen> !quote rothen
23:01 < Rothen> !quote rothen
23:01 < Rothen> !quote rothen
23:01 < Rothen> !quote rothen
23:01 < Rothen> !quote rothen
23:01 < Rothen> !quote rothen
23:01 < fishy> [#2988] [2020-12-22 @ 16:00] <Rothen> Do Jewish girls not have buttholes or something?
23:01 < fishy> [#2580] [2018-10-03 @ 11:14] <@Rothen> I love finding out that girls have committed sexual violence against me.
23:01 < fishy> [#2036] [2016-05-17 @ 10:14] [Score: -1] <fishy> Rothen butt a butt at rachel.
23:01 < fishy> [#2029] [2016-05-15 @ 03:49] [Score: 2] < Rothen> Mmm, getting a blowjob while IRCing.
23:01 < fishy> [#3050] [2021-03-14 @ 03:11] [Score: 1] <rothen> DST IS A LIE AND WE SHOULD ALL IGNORE IT
23:01 < fishy> [#2813] [2019-11-16 @ 00:57] <@Rothen|m> Hey, I've got laid by whiteknighting a 4chan camwhore.
23:01 < fishy> [#3166] [2021-09-16 @ 18:33] <Rothen> Tap the strategic cum reserve

Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Floof Saga Continues
The dust has settled. Woodcat and the femboy have left wetfish over the floof drama. Woodcat even deleted her wiki page. No more jiggling rabbit booty. Sad. Frob and Qwan haven't been seen in days. kate made a poll on the forums asking if floof should be banned, but after a vote of 5 for and 8 against banning, she decided to ban him anyway.

Floof set up his own channel, #flooffish where he and his fans could chat without bothering everyone else in freefish. Then floof ban evaded in freefish and was faced with a 72 hour ban for violating the server rules. Acknowledging that he had broken the rules, floof voluntarily disconnected.

Ceph came back the next day and removed kate's power along with all the bans.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Scheduled Maintenance
Wetfish is moving to a new server! This evening our main website, wiki, and forums will be temporarily shut down for maintenance. Only our websites will be impacted. IRC, Matrix, and Mumble will all continue operating normally.

What's happening?
Over the past few months our dev team has been updating all of our projects to run inside docker containers. This makes it much easier for people to contribute to our projects. Instead of needing to manually install and configure nginx, mysql, php, etc. you can now simply run `docker-compose up` and get your own copy of any Wetfish project.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Flooffest 2021
Today Floof was floofing around harder than normal, and successfully trolled Kate into engaging with him all day in spurious, mutually-infuriating arguments. It started this morning with an argument about the nature of opposites, where floof claimed that carpet is the opposite of floor tiles. Kate hit back with the counter-memes, and all this eventually devolved into a couple hundred lines of /topic spam, with both participants spending upwards of ten minutes spamming up-enter in an ongoing pissing contest.

When asked to moderate his channel, ceph had this to say:

23:21 <+Ozmiander> Ceph
23:21 <+Ozmiander> Moderate your channel duder
23:22 <@ceph> floof and kate are doing a performance piece for us
23:23 <@ceph> It will go down in the anals of wetfish history

Exactly the kind of quality content #freefish is known for

Tuesday November 11, 2020

Bot...or not. Weazzy gets pwned!
This week in Wetfish news, Weazzy’s bot got got by the Rot.

Rothen, scoffin at Weazzy’s bottin’, soon had Weazzy frothin’, as it was discovered by the noob pro(amateur)grammer that they still needed to #learn2code.

Weazzy, showing an impressive mastery of the 513,597 wetfish chatrooms (as of 11/11/20 9:56 AM PST), instantly knew which chat Rothen should have performed the bot test in.

After shrugging it out, Rothen went back to waiting for a hotel maid to walk in on him masturbating.

More to come soon.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Advances in Mumble, all around!
This weekend, at least a dozen people were on the Wetfish Mumble server! The giant Wetfish mumble party was lots of fun for all involved, involving such topics as "Why aren't we playing Among Us?" and "No u" and old 4chan memes from circa 2004. (Regarding which, may Longcat rest in peace.)

Also, the Mumble software is making significant advances. Their GitHub shows a change to the echo cancellation bits of the software, which is due to roll out with the release of Mumble 1.4. It should work already if you're a big enough nerd to compile the source yourself, but if you're not, just wait for the next major update. Hopefully, gone will be the days of having to put up with horrid feedback when more than one person on a laptop tries to talk at the same time.

So feel free to join us, especially once the new version of Mumble comes out. There are, pretty consistently, six or eight people hanging out on the Mumble server, and you can usually find someone with whom to chat.

Look at that full chatroom!

Friday, May 26, 2020

Wetfish Life Sciences Hits 100 Million Points
100,000,000 POINTS
Way to go, guys; we've beat out literally thousands of well-established teams, and helped reshuffle the entire folding@home team pool (which needed a bit of refreshment).

M-C is still far and away in first place, with two GPUs dedicated to the purpose.
Girvy, devnill, Ozmiander, and Kitlero are all rather closely vying for second in the race to donate the most FLOPS.
Rothen, woodcat, kate, Shikamaru and Zero-One are well behind those with nicer desktops, but are still doing what they can for science.
(Nobody is entirely certain who Zero-One is, but we just roll with it.)

Kayimbo, for whatever reason, keeps erroring out most of the work units he gets and nobody can figure out why. :? If anyone intimately familiar with folding@home reads this, you should hop on IRC or Mumble.

The team's total folding power has diminished a bit of late, perhaps because it makes less sense to run your GPU as a space heater during the hot months of the year. Nonetheless, we fold away, in the hope that our efforts can help research a way to end this virus.

Friday, May 15, 2020

cannonfodder.wetfish.net Rises from the Ashes!

One of our IRC servers, cannonfodder.wetfish.net, died about a week ago, but was restored today thanks to the work of a new Wetfish user named taegan. Thanks to her hard work, the web chat is fully functional again, as is the IRC node. It's running on an updated version of the IRC daemon, which we anticipate rolling out to the rest of the IRC network soon™.

Thank you for flying Wetfish, your source for all of your Internet socialization needs. Moreover, thank you for your excellent work, taegan! We really appreciate it and are glad to have you around.

<taegan> im just happy to help, i haven't felt this fulfilled in a long time

Saturday, May 9, 2020

cannonfodder.wetfish.net dies
We had some issues with the IRC a couple of days ago, with a bunch of users quitting with the message "server shutdown," followed by several people who used bouncer accounts intermittently connecting and reconnecting to the point that it spammed the chatroom. It turns out that the VPS hosting one of the Wetfish servers was discontinued, and all services running on it are no longer functional.

Unfortunately, this means that the web chat is no longer functional for the time being, with no ETA for service restoration. For the moment, you'll need to use a dedicated client to access the chatroom.

Wetfish user SourCandy, AKA xaos, immediately up and quit IRC over the lack of Web chat, only to return less than an hour later.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Wetfish Life Sciences Breaks Top 3000 Teams

We made the top 3,000 all-time folding@home teams!

Thanks to Wetfish user M-C, our folding@home team has been gradually recruiting and growing our folding power. We've beat out Wikipedia, FedEx, and even Slashdot, amongst many others, as we claw our way ever higher in the rabid pack of folders. Even though some people have had trouble getting the bonuses, together we've folded a lotta frickin' proteins!

Significant contributors include:

You, too, can help! Head over to the folding@home page to learn how!

Monday, May 4, 2020

Doomfish Hits the Forums

A couple of years back, wetfish users hanna and redheron made some awesome pixel art for the Wetfish forums, but the process for adding new items to the forum was so tedious nobody wanted to do it. Last Thursday, local programming guru yam braved the jungles of the item creation interface and the Doomfish items became a reality for all of our shitty pixel avatars to enjoy!

The Doomfish's items bear expense proportionate to their extreme coolness; the plasma rifle, at 36,000 coral, is by far the single most expensive item in the forums. Because of this, there has been a massive uptick in posting by users hoping to afford some of the awesome.

We also had the recent addition of the wonderfully-irreverent shirtcocker, who sells some fuccboi-themed items as well as his ex's clothing. His glorious pixel dick, though technically an item in the database, is not for sale as there isn't presently a way to get an item to match an avatar's skin color. That functionality may be in the works, though! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Wetfish Captcha is Added to the Forums and Wiki

Introducing the amazing new Wetfish captcha!

Thanks to the efforts of woodcat and yam we finally have a way to keep out spammers without selling our souls to Google. Most people have no idea that Wetfish is constantly at war with spammers, but over the years thousands of bogus users have signed up on the forums trying to shill their lame merch.

Woodcat started working on the Wetfish Captcha last year after Google reCAPTCHA v1 was officially shut down. He wrote all of the code and made that delightful pixel art. Over the past couple weeks the captcha was finally implemented into the forums and wiki by yam.

Good job, guys! Your continued efforts help keep our users protected against giant megacorps like Google. Fuck the man, man. If I trust anyone to shut down rather than comply with a national security order, it's rachel.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Wetfish Life Sciences Team Overtakes Wikipedia

In case you hadn't heard, Wetfish has a folding@home team thanks to M-C! Starting from nothing within the past month, we last week broke the top 5,000 4000 bitch what teams out of ~250,000. We've been increasing our numbers and now apparently have more total hardware power than the venerable Wikipedia team. We overtook them some time yesterday and our lead is only gaining, largely thanks to the badass graphics hardware of a user named Girvy. If you're interested in helping, head over to the page for team info and get started doing SCIENCE!!!

<M-C> FaH will probably have done more computation from recent activity soon than its ever done in aggregate in the past 15 years
<M-C> f@h overall already has more Tflops than not only the next planned fastest supercomputer, but the one after that also

<M-C> yeah I guess were gonna spank wikipedia

Friday, April 24, 2020

Woodcat's Dream Dies

Yesterday the featured item on the forums was a washing machine and woodcat wanted in on the action. He made a post on the forums begging for coral which was fulfilled in minutes. Rachel jumped into her washing machine and eagerly awaited a spinning washing machine party, just like the good old days of harbl hotel.

Instead of purchasing the glorious washing machine item that he could now afford thanks to the generous donations of Ozmiander and nicefish, woodcat spent the rest of the night watching Lord of the Rings. Totally missing out on his chance on becoming the owner of the most expensive item on the forums.

"Today we mourn a great loss. Truly hope has died for us all." ~ Woodcat talkin' about himself

02:30:27      woodcat | ddd
02:30:46      woodcat | i missed the washing machine because i was watching lord of the rings
02:30:59      woodcat | i didn't expect any donations so i gave up hope
02:31:39      woodcat | this day will be known as the day woodcat missed out on his washing machine dream

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