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hello world

2010 - 2017

Back before everything went crazy
rachel reaches the Married club!!! :D

   Mrs. rachel not so secretly wants to be the OpenCV girl

Rachel is the smoldering wreckage of the postmodern era.
Rachel has hips now, but she was too drunk!
Rachel is in a house.
Rachel has nice hair, I want to touch it.
Rachel doesn't fuck around with offline backups, she's above that.
Rachel hacked the Gibson.
Rachel is taken.

Her current HPPD rating is: 2.1

Rachel makes YouTube videos!!


And now for some fan poetry...
Now Rachel B
down by the butt tree
She ain't got no need
to speed
to feed
'Cause she's got it
the program
She writes it
home with Dan
And it don't matter if she smokes while she works
in her room employed don't deal with no jerks
Ain't got no smack
to talk
Watching her back
we walk
the block
the cop
With the weed stashed
in her pants
So we prance
to good trance
Another day at Wetfish
you know the cum is delish
So break a beat
This girl's so neat
The freakout elite
from Elberon street


back when 2019 was "current year"
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