Welcome to Rachel's House

Fish House is where Rachel lives... uhhhhhhhhhhhh............ it's a house. She lives there with devnill. He's the best!! <3

There are lots of plants like bamboo, and a garden. We really love permaculture, mushrooms, and bees. :D

Really old news from 2008-2010

Rachel's house is a cool place over on Central. She lives with a bunch of people, like:

    Nckomodo (new!) nevermind

Come on in, the carpet's fine!
We also have a lot of friends!
   Atomic Firedoll

Strange Affiliated Terrorist Organizations (SATO)
   Kamp Klusterphuck
   The Dudescouts

Rachel would like to thank RokMan and Pete for coming over all the time and being weed fairies. :>

Rachel would like to thank Adrian for providing the wondrous chinese food gift she ate for dinner.

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