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What's all this now?

Hello there, welcome to Wetfish! We're a community of friends, programmers, and procrastinators. Since 2005 we've grown from a small IRC channel to an extensive network of quirky projects. This wiki is a place for us to share content and fond memories from the 'net.

Did you know...

 • ...that Wetfish was started as an imageboard in an attempt to create a developer-friendly 4chan clone?
 • ...our most famous creation is the reading of a comic?
 • ...Rachel loves encryption?
 • ...that all of the source code for this website is available on GitHub?
 • ...that bungee gum contains the properties of both rubber and gum?

Featured articles

Wetfish — What is this wetfish place anyway?
Forums — The OFFICIAL forums of
Woodgears — A guy who makes awesome things out of wood
Free Culture — Most Internet Citizens agree, we should be free!
Oscilloscope — Music that creates 2D and 3D shapes on an oscilloscope
Pizza Club — An underground organization of degenerates who shovel pizzas into their mouths daily.

In the news

 • Wetfish launches its first contest!
 • Daily news returns to wetfish
 • The wiki is now https!
 • The Great Data Loss of 2015
 • Rachel found some Music for Wormbabies!

Wetfish Projects
The Wetfish Wiki is hosted by rachel, a programmer geek from Colorado that also manages a range of other projects:

An open source client for Ragnarok Online

The Ragnarok Online Search Engine

Software for burners

Random image mutations

A lightweight JavaScript UI framework

A plugin for dragging and dropping things

Majorleague Website
It's a meme machine

Copy and paste portions of websites!

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