The great data loss of 2015

I regret to announce that the VPS provider I was using for the wetfish wiki decided to
because A SINGLE PAYMENT BOUNCED. Obviously I had backups, but they were a few months out of date. All content posted between January 22, 2015 until May 30, 2015 has been lost.

By comparing cached versions of the site, I've determined that 91 new pages were lost during this period as well as roughly 100 edits on existing pages.

I've been digging through all of our IRC logs and Google cache history trying to restore as much as I can, but I fear that most of the data will be lost. :(

List of missing pages that RedHeron created
Mom - "Mom plz"
Inflatable - "Fucking furries", a picture of some guy making out with inflatable pool animals
Brush - "art" ??? "this is your canvas. *reveals clothed breasts*"
Animes - "It's terminal"
Yiff - "time to call the cleaning lady"
Cute Snake - "scale babies"
chimerasynx - "The Imagination Police"

List of missing pages that rachel created
Toast - "c'mon baby don't be like that"
Yogurt - "oh darn I dropped it"
Kickstarter - "Shitty kickstarter campaigns"
Sever - Information about a shitty kickstarter
  • Included screenshots from some hacker girls on twitter
Button - Picture of Stimpy clicking on a button???
CandyGumdrop - A person from Tox
<3 - "less than three <3" - A screenshot of a guy with like 25k mass
Cuttlefish - A picture from google's Earth Day quiz
Hippie - "Heath"
Air - "turns out air is pretty cool"
Techno - "At least you tried?"
Jump - "So close..."
  • I think this was a picture of a cat jumping or something?
Couch - "oof"
Power Puff - ???
Stoner - ???

List of missing pages from other people
Photocopier - Video of a woman who has sex with photocopier? Kayimbo made it I think???
Foreskins - Post from the shroomery about the great foreskin conspiracy that Kayimbo found
KSP - "Spacefish", a Kerbal page I think sunnid made

List of existing pages that were modified
Dickbutt - "Dickbutt's Bizzare Adventure"
  • A picture of a muscular dickbutt, drawn in Jojo style
Rainbow - Added a picture of a glitchy rainbow
Mozai - Page exists, but I'm pretty sure there were a few more links on here
Sailor Moon - An NSFW image is mising?
USA - An image was added?
Ragnarok - A screenshot that PhiLL uploaded?
Anime - Not sure what changed...
Doge - According to tags it was an animated gif?
lol - ???
Senpai - ???
Japan - ???
Cats - ???

List of pages that have been partially fixed
Steven Universe - Page content restored from google cache, images still missing
Monday - Playlist restored but all the related pictures are missing
Transethnic - Denice posted a picture that was transethnic related, but I think there was a different one on here originally

List of pages that have been fixed
Trains - "My uncle was a trains man too"
Hubble - "Legs spread for the Hubble Space Telescope"
Dandy - Picture of depressed Space Dandy
Smooch - A cute anime girl who wants to smooch you
Sandy - Flash video from RedHeron
Tox - "Tox Protocol Specification" picture
Quack - Cute duck on shoulder :D
Fishy - A picture of a borg fishy that RedHeron drew
Tree Person - The Tree That Owns Itself
Garnet - A picture of Garnet from steven universe next to a statue of a naked man kicking babies
Drawers - "Easiest drawers ever." A video of a guy who came up with a cool technique for making drawers
Steven Jojoverse - A fan drawing of Steven Universe wearing Jotaro's jacket
Starbound Coords - "Starbound Planet Survey for svchost's server"
Jupiter - An informative science page about when that comet hit Jupiter in 1994
Eyebrows - Pretty sure there was another gif on this page
TheButton - A page with graphs and statistics for reddit's april fools joke


If you've edited any pages recently, your browser history might be able to help!

This just in! If you use Firefox or Chrome, your browser's history is saved in sqlite files and it's easy to query these for lists of all the pages you've edited. I managed to generate a list of over 100 pages I edited over the past 4 months. It should also be possible to find the titles and tags we used for these pages.

Firefox sqlite location (The database file is called 'places.sqlite')
Chrome sqlite location (The database file is called 'History')
SQLite GUI (If you're into that sort of thing)

sqlite> select * from urls where url like '';

sqlite> select * from moz_historyvisits natural join moz_places where moz_places.url like '' order by last_visit_date;

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