Wetfish has a [email protected] team, and we're offering our spare CPU/GPU power to fold proteins for coronavirus research.
Our latest stats can be found here! We're in the top 5000 3000 teams and rising.

How to get started

First, you'll have to get the [email protected] client, which can be found here.

Download and install it for your OS. When you fire up the client and GUI for the first time, it'll ask you how you would like to be credited. Put in the name you want to use and the Wetfish team ID (255299). You don't need a passkey to fold, but you get an enormous point multiplier if you do and it's easy to set one up! Just click the link on that page and give them an e-mail address (even an anonymous one you set up for this purpose) and they'll e-mail you a key to paste into the field.

Then, click start! That's really all there is to it. By default it'll use all but one CPU core and all available GPUs, but you can tweak this in settings.

The Big One Oh Oh Oh

Folded 1,000 times like finest Japanese steel. GLORY TO TEAM WLS

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