Wetfish Online Internet Forum v2 Specification, Working Draft

v1 forum URL: https://wetfishonline.com/forum/
v1 forum source code: https://github.com/wetfish/online

List of current forum features
  • All the features of Simple Machines Forums
  • Ability to ban people from threads you create
  • Fish Avatars
  • Earn coral for posting
  • Buy a random daily featured item
  • NPC shops
  • Customize your avatar with items
  • Tip people coral for the posts they make
  • 10 character maximum length for signatures LOLOLOL!!!!

List of planned forum features we never got around to
  • Ability to unban people from threads you create
  • Admin interface for viewing / editing items in the DB
  • Users can pay to increase the length of their signature
  • User created shops
  • User item creation
  • Your avatar should spin inside the washing machine when equipped (maybe this would only be available in MMO areas?)
  • Preserve avatar state at time of post?
  • Anonymous posting (unregistered users, and option to post anonymously when registered)

List of cool new ideas
  • Being able to tip items
  • Tips should appear as a pile of money / items below your post instead of a text list
  • Tip by clicking a button without needing to leave the thread
  • Use >>quotes instead of bbcode
  • Use a single post count instead of separate counts for threads and replies
  • Multi-Tripcode support (4chan Tripcodes, Wetfish Tripcodes, etc)
  • Page which lists recent tips and other tip statistics: most tipped post (24 hour, all time, etc)

List of good suggestions from the forums & github


Imagine this: a forum that's also an imageboard. It's like 4chan and gaia had a disgusting rape baby. That's wetfish ONLINE.


is that too edgy???

whatever we'll cut it out in post



there should be avatars

and items


for real

it needs to have >>quotes instead of bbcode quotes

that's about it

also should all images be collapsed by default? right now threads are pretty long because they're just a bunch of pictures

I like the condensed imageboard format better

everybody says it's too hard to click the pagination on mobile... the obvious solution: increase the font size

the cool thing about >>quotes is you can reference any post, you could make a new thread which references a post in another thread, it solves

oh yeah also it needs to be like an MMO

so basically we're gonna have 4chan gaia and habbo hotel all in one product

on the blockchain

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