List of internet research spammers

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  1. ScoreCardResearch
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    Apparently owned by Full Circle Studies, Inc, which in turn is owned by comScore, who in 2005 was criticized for creating "Researchware". Wikipedia makes no mention of ScoreCardResearch and it's hard to find information about them online besides dozens of websites claiming it's malware.
  2. DoubleClick
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    Owned by google, it's their advertising domain
  3. BeanStalkMedia
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    bean STALK LOL GET IT (you're the bean)
  4. ScarabResearch
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    Wow, these guys actually have a wikipedia page
  5. CrwdCntrl
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    Holy fuck. Their domain is literally, it redirects to "Lotame" Check out this classy tagline: Data. It's changing everything. - Data should influence everything you do
  6. 4SeeResults
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    Also known as ForeSee

they are the devel

List of sites using ScoreCardResearch
  • Fox
  • Various news sites?
  • Soundcloud
  • Funny or Die

List of sites using DoubleClick
  • Basically everything else
  • Any website that embeds a youtube video

List of sites using CrwdCntrl
  • Weather Underground
  • Richmond Register (Some local news site from Kentucky)

List of sites using ForeSee
  • Xcel Energy

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Infographics of research spammers sorted by type, compiled by John Allsopp


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