YouTube: Drama and censorship

YouTube is a video site that used to be cool and indie but then was bought by Google and slowly turned into a corporate hellhole.

The year is 2016. YouTube now refuses to monetize "controversial subjects". Imagine you're a journalist reporting the news and YouTube doesn't agree with what you're saying. Now YouTube can choose to stop giving you money.

This isn't about gore or violence, it's already being enforced against people for bullshit SJW drama.

Okay so you know those "KIDS REACT TO X" videos on youtube? The company that makes those is called FineBrothers Entertainment and they have been taking down other peoples' reaction videos on youtube due to "copyright infringement". It was recently announced that they're in the process of trademarking the word "REACT" and they've already lost over 1 million subscribers xD

Cool Graph of their Subscription Count
A "professionally written" summary of the situation
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The reality is that a simple combination of gestures, to protect their assets and include their community in the process, has backfired completely. They have alienated their subscriber base by protecting their brand. Their only way out of this is to deliver on their claims, exactly as they have stated them. They will need to provide help and guidance to anyone that joins this licensing MCN and only protest other content that is a clear and obvious rip off of their popular series. If, as a result of their trademarks, random react videos are struggling to get through YouTube’s Content ID, it will only reinforce the idea that they are trying to control the market with legal action, even if they aren’t actively making the strikes themselves.

People on Reddit are VERY UPSET and have begun ORGANIZING AN OPPOSITION MOVEMENT lmao you can't make this stuff up
The fine bros ask everyone to talk on Facebook so they can censor dissent
Back before "Elders React" was a thing, there was "Seniors React" made by different people which was then taken down
In 2014 the FineBros wanted their viewers harass Ellen for 'stealing their format'
Real lawyers react to the situation
The finebros make an official apology and discontinue the "React World" program only days after its birth

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