Instantaneous Response Chat

Instantaneous Response Chat, also known as IRC, is the official chat protocol used by Wetfish. IRC's name comes from the fact that whenever you join, someone will always respond immediately. Never will you find yourself waiting for hours to find someone to talk to!

Want to start chatting? Check out these helpful pages
  • Web Chat - The easiest option by far. Simply open up the web chat to start chatting. Works great on computers and okay on mobile.
  • HexChat - A desktop client for Windows. Includes download links, instructions, and screenshots.
  • Matrix - Our Matrix to IRC bridge lets you connect on desktop, Android, and iOS.
  • irc/bots - Bots and how to use them

Already a seasoned IRC user?
  • Channel: #wetfish
  • Server:
  • Port: 6697
  • SSL: Required

Not really sure and need more help?
For more instructions on specific clients including mIRC, WeeChat, and Pidgin: Check out the SSL page!

About #wetfish IRC
#wetfish is different than most other IRC rooms. We're not obsessed with DDoSing people, we're not a bunch of 4channers, and we're not trolls. But we might sniff your butt like a pack of lonely puppies when you first join.

Now Get HACKING!!!

Learn more... Watch this video!

Fun Fact: Sometimes girls use IRC too!!

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