New Butt to Sniff Syndrome

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New Butt to Sniff Syndrome, also known as NBSS is a serious problem among many netizens, especially Wetfishians. The girl on the right, for example, is a clear case of NBSS as described by several metrics. Note her extreme eagerness, probably caused by someone joining her room on Stikam. With a new face comes new possibilities, right? He might be rich, right?

Many members of Wetfish have found themselves in a state of pure confusion from the frantic spectacles older Wetfishians create while trying to make their way to the newest member's asshole. The experience has been described not much unlike the experience of nirvana.

Unfortunately, because people are apes, being confused normally implies being scared. This drives away many potential members, but makes sure the remaining few are total fucking weirdos.

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