When a joke goes wrong.

<snek> ceph: https://goo.gl/maps/bcWgcA6LEFT2

<snek> that is what i would get
<snek> Shikamaru: don't be racist
<Shikamaru> racist?
<snek> "hobbit"
<Shikamaru> hobbits are fine with their lot in life
<snek> that is racist
<Shikamaru> should I say halfling?
<Shikamaru> whats more racist?
<snek> Shikamaru: there's no way to not be racist when you say "oh you live in, area you fucking, race"
<Shikamaru> snek
<Shikamaru> how is that racist
<snek> idk i don't know anything about racist
<Shikamaru> I didnt say hobbits are inferior creatures
<snek> i just know that any time you bring up race it's racist
<Shikamaru> I call bs
<snek> wait
<snek> wait wait wait
<snek> was the joke that hobbits live under hills?
<snek> cause i thought the joke was that the bronx is for niggers
<Shikamaru> underhill
<Shikamaru> UNDERHILL
<Shikamaru> YOU fuck
<snek> maybe you should check your god damn privilege
<snek> and understand that some people might see a racist joke where you see a cute nerdy joke
<snek> i'm sorry i ruined your joke :(
<Shikamaru> maybe not scream racism...
<snek> if i was really into lord of the rings i definitely would've gotten it and thought it was a good joke

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