HexChat is an IRC client

HexChat is an IRC client for Windows and Linux. It's the recommended client for Windows users because it's open source and customizable. This page is a guide for how to set up HexChat to work with Wetfish.

Network setup
  1. When running HexChat for the first time, you'll see a network list (see screenshot below)
  2. Click the "Add" button
  3. A box called "New Network" should appear in the list, you can rename this by typing "wetfish" and then press the enter key on your keyboard to save the new name
  4. Now click the "Edit" button and a server window should appear
  5. Click where it says "newserver/6667" and type "irc.wetfish.net/6697" and then press enter to save it
  6. Check the "Use SSL" checkbox

Channel setup
  1. Click on the "Autojoin channels" tab and then press the "Add" button
  2. Type "#wetfish" and then press enter
  3. Add any additional channels you want to join

Final steps
  1. Click the close button in the network editor
  2. Click the connect button in the network list

That's it!! You did it!!! You're a hacker now!!!

HexChat network list
HexChat server setup
HexChat channel setup

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