Twisted Pair: Music for Wormbabies

Last night during a conversation on mumble about tentacles, I started thinking about Invader Zim's backpack. Google images brought me to Room With A Moose where instantly my mind was transported a decade in the past, to my childhood as an Invader Zim fangirl. While I've tried to suppress these urges for a long time, part of me needed to find a collection of Invader Zim remixes I first discovered in 2002.

After searching on Room With A Moose to no avail I realized the songs must have come from a different Invader Zim fansite, but none of the ones online today. I headed to and went from here to here and found it. At last, I had the name of the album and the artist, but nowhere to download it.

My adventure turned back to Google, but the few sites which listed the songs were actually scams that just wanted me to fill out surveys. There was only one option left: IRC.

01 - Wormbaby
02 - Membrane
03 - Paranormal
04 - GangstaClown
05 - Voot Cruiser
06 - Gnomefield
07 - Piggy
08 - Meat Slab
09 - Earthenoids

Nerv Gas
Solar Flare
Invader Rock

Special thanks to cav from #zimmy on starfusion, you're the best. <3

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