Official Wetfish Contests

On Tuesday, October 20, 2015 Rachel announced the first ever wiki editing contest! The rules are simple: whoever updates the most lonely pages before Midnight (12:00 AM MST) on Sunday, October 25th, 2015 will be awarded a hefty sum of 1000 FISHBUX!!!! Runner up gets 500 fishbux and finally third place will earn 250 fishbux.

What is lonely? Lonely is a special page that lists other pages on the wiki which have very few edits, tags, and haven't been edited in a long time. When the contest started, there were over 100 pages with zero tags, and another 100 with only one. Some of these pages hadn't been edited in over three years!

In order to qualify for the contest, all you have to do is add tags and more content to lonely pages. Fixing broken videos is good too. But please don't add unrelated content / random tags to a page or you'll be disqualified!

Final leaderboard for the wetfish lonely page contest
That's all folks!
Over 2000 fishbux were awarded: 1750 in main prizes as well as 500 awarded as bonus prizes!

BONUS PRIZES!?! That's right. Both Emilypi and Lemon were awarded 250 fishbux each as bonus prizes for content creation. These two didn't just add tags—they went the extra mile and added lots of new content to the lonely pages as well. Emily added content to 48 of the pages she edited and Lemon added content to 14 of hers. Good job guys!

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