Monday Funtime

A whim by RedHeron that just didn't stop and now Mozai brings you the unstoppable chinese cartoons.


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-- countdown: walking to anime

Κеᥱр Ⲩഠᥙr Ꮋаᥒԁѕ Ⲟff Ꭼіᴢⲟᥙkеᥒ﹗
aka an anime about girls making anime

Ᏼഠkᥙ Νⲟ Ηᥱrο Ꭺсаⅾеⅿіа - Ꮇỿ ᕼᥱrо Ꭺϲаԁеⅿỿ
aka inter-class rivalry, and more about what One For All's about

-- intermission: marblecity

เทŦιทιtץ Tяคเภ ๒๏๏к 4
aka before you and me get famous in Canada, we got issues to work out

尺卂冂爪卂 ½
aka falling into Pool Of Drowned Young Girl

-- intermission: vlanasabove

化物語 - Bakemonogatari - Ghostory
aka you can't trust highschool kids to wish correctly
(warning: this anime is not lewd, but it is horny)

Βοκμ Dακε Gα Ιηαι Μαcλι - Σrαsεd
aka what if you could go back and prevent it? but what do you prevent?

-- outtro: glass

Mozai preps for tonight's show

"Oh I've seen this one, what happens next is --"
Please don't blurt out spoilers. Even if we are watching something old or familiar, there are still people next to you who are seeing it for the first time.

"Have you seen ${anime} yet?"
Yeah probably we've been doing this for years.

"You should play - - - next."
The deejay hears your requests, even if they don't acknowledge it. You're not being snubbed, they merely don't want to get into an argument over scheduling.

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