Starbound Planet Survey for svchost's server

Starting over 2015-08-24 because new better terrain generator.
You can still use your old player files, but it's more fun to climb that mountain again.

Ores can now generate in the background layer of blocks, not just the foreground blocks.

You can't 'savequit' to get back to your ship; you gotta climb out now. Bring ropes and wooden platforms with you when you go spelunking.

When you delve to get the core fragments, get more than just the 20 to repair your ship. They're a crafting item now, used to eventually build ship upgrades.

Some of the best items need diamonds as a crafting ingredient, including the upgrade currency items. Always dig up diamonds.

The challenge doors have medium-difficult jumping puzzles behind them with deadly traps. Might want to skip them until after you have your dash- and double-jump upgrades. Bring ropes and bandages. You'll find teleporter cores and mattermanip pieces if you can make it to the end of the obstacle course.

Shit you need to bring to the outpost for the first tier of quests:
  • wooden crafting table (35x wood planks)
  • 75 pixels to buy stuff at the outpost stores: chocolate, milk, egg)
  • a bug-in-a-jar gained by hitting a bug with a bugnet (5x wood planks 5x fabric (15x plantfibre on a spinningwheel))
  • a cake (milk, egg, sugar, wheat on a cooking table (15x wood 4x copperbar)) sugar cane should be found on forest planets, and I think you start with wheat. Or mooch off of svchost that dude is an industrial farmer
  • cool jacket (20x fabric on a spinningwheel (60x plant fibre))
  • 3 diamonds

One of the quests gives you an iron crafting table (tier 2 craft table), you can use to make a full set of steel armor, needed to open the first boss fight quest.

There's a bonus quest in a hidden place on the outpost. You'll need many climbing ropes, or a grappling hook, and you'll need 10 extra ropes for the questgiver's needs.

Electrocia Legion

(Gentle) (-9,0)
  • I: forest
  • II: forest
  • IIa: desert
  • IIb: desert
  • III: airless

Mensae Rim

(Radioactive) (-5,-13)
  • I: alien
  • Ia: tropical. coffee, clay, rainbow-spitting scorpions, sugarcane, avesmingo, bananas, pineapples, giant flower biome, Florian death-cultist dungeon.
  • II: alien
  • III: tropical
  • IV: alien
  • IVa: alien
  • V: tropical
  • VI: airless


(Eccentric) (2,16)
  • I: arid. glitch village? i forget.
  • II: arid
  • IIa: ocean. minidungeons under the ocean floor
  • III: snow
  • IIIa: alien
  • IV: ocean
  • IVa: arid
  • V: gasgiant
  • Va: desert
  • Vb: snow
  • Vc: airless
  • Vd: alien. eyeball trees, Apexture Science, striped wood, Avian hostile temple, geologists.
  • VI: ocean
  • VIa: arid
  • VIb: arid
  • VII: airless

Rotanev Cluster

(Frozen) (-14,-9)
  • I: asteroids
  • IIa: magma
  • IIb: ice, avian temple, eggshoots, automatoes, human cottage,
  • IIc: ice
  • IId: alien, poison ponds, striped wood, human prison, flesh biome, Avian airship.
  • III: ice
  • IV: ice
  • IVa: ice
  • IVb: ice
  • V: frigid oceans
  • Va: ice
  • Vb: ice
  • VI: ice
  • VIa: tropical
  • VII: ice
  • VIII: airless

Rastaban Tide

(Gentle) (18,8)
  • I: desert
  • Ia: desert
  • Ib: forest
  • II: forest
  • III: airless

Gacrux Rim

(Gentle) (6,27)
  • I: forest, carrots, tomatoes, UNSC bunker, many tech chests, 3 pod chests, Apexture Science facility
  • II: forest. cloudy trees, mushroom village, UNSC bunker, coffee, tomatoes, birch trees, another bunker,
  • III: forest. tomatoes, gnarled trees, carrots, mushroom houses, Avian tomb.
  • IV: airless

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