Perfect Atomic Firedoll: Coolest Person Ever.

Update: Atomic Firedoll hasn't chatted on IRC since November 2014

Possibly the mole?

20:04 < DJJazzyJeff> wetfish people that arent afraid to come out of their house are really nice and cool
20:05 < DJJazzyJeff> atomicfiredoll was hilarious
20:05 < emilypurr> where is afd
20:05 < emilypurr> how cum  she don't cum in here anymore
20:05 <&rachel> emilypurr: she says she has too many instant messengers and she's always "busy with work"
20:05 <&rachel> aka she thinks we're a waste of time and hates us
20:05 < emilypurr> ;_;


Atomic Firedoll is a Goddamn hero.

"I'm like magnetic north for dicks." —Atomic Firedoll

Atomic spent too much time in Watertown, NY, loves having a wiki, and spends most of her time using it instead of being social. Psh. You just don't get how important it is for you to make articles on Wetfish!

Always in her
desk at work.
This leads her to create articles about mundane jokes from her past, such as Mrs. Butters, and extensive write-ups about new, dumb, jokes--e.g. Super Heart.

No nood photos of her are on the wiki, or even exist. So, stop searching. You're starting to look a little bit desperate.

She has also never "ridden the walrus" and pretty much refuses to do so, on the count that she may forget a person, and accidentally have sex with them. Because she only has sex with strangers.

Atomic is a phantasmagoric member of pibdgaf, abides by the rues of the Rat Dirt Den, and hates it when everything on a page is centered.

Wacky antics ensue as Atomic Firedoll peruses The Queen of Space to the end of the universe and thwarts the evil Fixer Bot.

Talking Points:
   • Fights in The Eternal War against Fixer Bot.
   • Has HQ Obama Phone
   • Has pissed in a butt Trolls Squid into delicious cakes.
   • Sics wolverines on Squid's gigant tentacles on a
    regular basis.
      ◦ Occasionally, several times in an episode.
      ◦ Has poured scalding liquid latex
      on Squid's pants, making him
      a eunuch.
Firedoll in her natural environment.
   • Knows how to make a bullet symbol in unicode.
   • Helps feed elderly Devnill during his daily poop eating.
   • Is almost always getting drunk with Sara Prime and/or

Reference pictures:


Atomic Firedoll's HPPD level is probably 3

That pretty much sums it up.

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