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And now an article about Doctor Squid

" Why would you want to put your dick in another dick? "
   ~ Doctor Squid

Doctor Squid (also known as DrSquid, Squidmaster, MadSquad, or simply Squid) is the clown prince of PIBDGAF. He's spent years building a so called web community by surrounding himself with suggestible drug addicts. His plan is to work with a team of scientists from wetfish to create a superdrug he can share with all of his friends.

Squid commonly gets the high score when editing the wiki. Sadly, Atomic_firedoll can never get close.

Squid likes these things:

• Walrus
• Being infused with satanic power.
• Has a list of shit you should buy him
Drives a car Rides a super cool bike.
• Classic Cup Keeper
• Has pissed in a butt

This is what heroin addicts think of him:

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