.. n e p t u n ..........................

neptun is netpun!

neptun is in ur closet
neptun is a planet
wow that's a big closet
neptun feels pretty asdfjkl; rn
neptun likes vr and cyberspace in general
neptun likes dubstep
neptun makes blatant stupid jokes
neptun makes intellectual serious sarcasm
neptun makes horribly amoral jokes
neptun takes your inside joke and beats the poor thing senseless
neptun makes intense piano music
neptun puts the D in BPD, so you don't have to!
neptun makes overly complicated jokes
neptun puts jokes on their jokes so you can joke while you joke
neptun puts memes in their jokes
neptun puts jokes in their memes
neptun makes jokes so subtle you don't even know if its a joke or typo
you never know if neptun is joking or not
you never know if neptun joking
you never know

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