Genericon Anime Convention

An anime convention in Albany, New York. Rachel, Devnill, Marcella, and Pete went for an excellent adventure there! MORE TO COME AS THE WEEKEND DEVELOPS

Live coverage
We are sitting at our PIRATE BOOTH at the 23rd annual Genericon. those who are not fortunate enough to live in ghettoland, Genericon is a loli party that is at a college and is filled with weeaboos.

Pete just went to a larp somewhere.
Harry R. Burger is gay.
Rachel keeps saying she's going to the bathroom but has not so far.
matt sheldon is cool and had his pictured taken and he plays the guitar.
Rachel finally going to the bathroom upsets Matt Sheldon, because he wanted a hug goodbye.

OH SHIT PACMAN IS GETTING AWAY. Rachel says we will catch him later.
Haitani loves Genericon.

Devnill's iPhone overheats and the internet keeps going down :(


Marcella is playing ddr in a tournament against people playing on light. Pete is in a larpTACTICAL STRATEGY ROLEPLAYING EXERCISE. Free candy is being given to all these cool people like silentlywaiting

AND A NEW FRIEND crest199 He is cool because he uses deviant art and enjoys candy! THIS IS A SUCCESSFUL EXPERIMENT


This just in -- Weeaboos love candy
We have over 9000 new friends! Yay people! ^_^

So this is going pretty well. wetfish IRL is like wetfish on the internet but with more people in costumes. Also, Dicks.

Pacman is still not back but apparently lord zed is doing a panel.

Devnill goes into the cold outdoors to get his iphone charger cable, and comes back with tons of free candy for our friends.

Playing internet meme songs for everyone at Genericon!

Rachel met a girl, Julie, who used to go to highschool with her. Julie had no idea who Rachel was, because at the time she was Richard, making this another case of truth in television! Crazy.

Loki comes and hangs out at the official wetfish table for a few minutes.

After midnight we pack up and leave, having gathered many new friends of wetfish to bug to go in IRC!

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