Neurosoup: The snitch bitch

Neurosoup (also known as Krystle Cole) is a woman of many talents including torture, kidnapping, and putting DMT up her butt. She made her debut as a stripper in Kansas who fell in love with Gordon Todd Skinner, a DEA informant. Together they ratted out William Leonard Pickard in the year 2000; you know, that guy who lived in an old missile silo and produced 90% of the world's LSD. Wow. Why'd she have to go and do that?

If that wasn't enough, Krystle Cole and Gordon Skinner kidnapped an 18 year old boy named Brandon Green in 2003. They held him hostage for six days, injected him with unknown drugs, and kicked him in the balls for sport. Cole even went so far as to pay Green's rent payment to make sure that nobody would go looking for him. A few months later Krystle Cole and Gordon Skinner go on to get married. What romantic memories!

Why isn't she in jail? Oh right, because she snitched on Skinner too. So now he's in jail and she gets to pretend like she was a defenseless victim. Isn't the American Justice System just grand?

Now she makes YouTube videos with the comments disabled. LOL

In 2010, Wetfish investigators Kayimbo and Rachel noticed that all negative references to Neurosoup were being burred in search results, replaced by stories that painted Cole as a victim, mixed with completely irrelevant spam blogs. By 2011 it was almost impossible to find any information about the torture committed by Cole outside of the Shroomery forums. In 2012, Vice released this "investigative report" which completely ignored all parts of Cole's story outside of her being a defenseless drug pixie. On the plus side, the video does show how cool the silo was while it was operational. They had tons of couches and beds and a giant bathtub.

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