Chat on Wetfish With Your Mouth ! ! ! !

What is mumble? Mumble is an open source voice chat program similar to ventrilo and teamspeak. We here at wetfish prefer mumble because it's encrypted and paying for software is so last century.

Step 1. Download mumble from
Step 2. Run mumble and talk to the audio wizard
Step 3. At the "Device selection" screen of the wizard, you should be able to hear yourself. That means it's working properly. If you can't hear yourself, try changing the mic input
Step 4. Click "next" a couple times until you get to the "Voice Activity Detection" screen
Step 5. Select push to talk and choose a key to bind
Step 6. Server -> Connect -> Add new...
Step 7. Add a server with the following information:
   Port:    64738 (Default)

Now you can connect! Once you're online you can drag yourself or double click on a channel to join it.
If you don't like the text to speech robot voice, you can turn it off by clicking Configure -> Uncheck Text to Speech.

If the channel you want to join requires a password, follow these steps:
Step 1. Server -> Access Tokens
Step 2. A window should pop up, now click "Add"
Step 3. Write the password in the text field
Step 4. Click "Ok" to save.

Now you should be able to join your password protected channel!

Fun fact! Did you know mumble even runs on iPhone / Android?
iPhone client on iTunes
Android client on Google or Fdroid or Gitlab

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