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Rachel sure knows how to throw a party

A gigasecond is like a special once-in-a-lifetime birthday for nerds. Rachel's is coming up soon!

We can use this page to coordinate things, like bringing food and cooking. Vegan / dairy-free food is preferred. There will be at least 3-4 people with lactose intolerance or other dietary restrictions attending Rachel's gigasecond party.

Requests from Rachel
  • Weed lol
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Garlic bread
  • Deviled eggs (home made not store bought PLEASE 🥺) -kiiada
  • Stuff with protein

Stuff people are planning on bringing
Note: please say the thing you are planning on bringing followed by your name
  • Vegan cake, normal cake, both special - Rothen
  • I'll also happily whip up curry one of the nights - Rothen

Friday plans
Check in at 3 PM, expect people to start arriving in the afternoon / evening
  • Dinner - Chili - Sonder

Saturday plans
Big party day. Gigasecond is officially happening at approx 7 PM
  • Breakfast - ???
  • Plant adventure!! - At approx 2 PM I would like to take everyone to Horsetooth Stems & Roots, a local plant store owned by my neighbor - Rachel
  • Dinner - Vegan carbonara & garlic bread - emergence
  • Idk - vegan apple pie and ice cream - standard

Sunday plans
Everybody will start heading home throughout the day
  • Breakfast -vegan breakfast burritos - swiggity
  • Lunch - Curry - Rothen

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