Mother Earth is a MILF


I.S.U.N: Buttface
I.S.I.D: Buttfacian

"Worthless Trash. Only Goddamn Fudsuckers live there."
~ The Rest of the Universe

Arth is a planet in the sector of space and home to the humans--biggest Fudsuckers in the galaxy. It's also the base of operations for

The Grand Phantasmagorical Reuleaux sits in parallel to the Arth, causing it to become a center for unusual space-time activity, such as the evolution of the Future Butts, and God.

Denizens of Arth are also known as Buttfacian by the population of the planet M4ndalore--a group of Arth humans allowed to leave enmasse for being host to the M4ndalore virus.

Terra III is the origin system of the major race Solomani (third of the Humaniti races), located in sector 1824 of Sol sector.!-107.82!7.5 UWP code A867A69-F

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