Wetfish: Open for Business Since 2017

After years of working together on passion projects, the team behind Wetfish decided to incorporate as a research & development agency. Since 2017 we've worked on projects for other companies including charities, podcasting, e-commerce platforms, and custom hardware for satellites.

Our Clients

Solstar Space Co.

Solstar is an aerospace company that specializes in developing hardware allowing inter-satellite communication in space. Wetfish worked with Solstar to create radiation hardened Linux systems for space WiFi communication. Our work included build pipelines for embedded Linux operating systems and writing drivers for managing custom hardware.


Wavve is a podcast syndication company that creates videos for podcasters to share on social media. Wetfish developed a WYSIWYG editor for Wavve users to create videos from their podcasts. Wetfish redesigned the file upload and video editing flow to streamline the process of users creating videos from custom templates.


Churnkey is a SaaS product that helps subscription based e-commerce platforms retain customers. Wetfish developed a system for helping business owners understand why their users decided to cancel their subscriptions and offer discounts and promotions to help reduce churn.

Chive Charities

Chive Charities is a non-profit organization that helps people with rare medical conditions, disabled veterans, and disabled first responders. Over the years Wetfish has developed an entire suite of products for Chive Charities including a custom donation system, a CRM for managing donors, an application system for people seeking financial assistance, and a website for promoting their charitable causes.

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