Stephers is a nerd <3

stephers the hedgehog lol
Stephers, also known as OhStephers, is a girl from California. She is a crazy cat lady in training. She was invited to wetfish by KhanArtist in the spring of 2012 after being recruited into his Maple Story guild. She is arguably the cutest member of Wetfish and is often found with people flocking around her on Mumble. She met Rachel, Devnill, and Kayimbo at Dave & Busters by telling her grandparents she had to poop really bad.

As a child she was banned from watching The Rugrats because her parents didn't like Angelica. She'd just watch it while they were sleeping.

Notorious for making cities of dicks in Minecraft while attending middle school.

She'll probably cut you.

Wake up on a saturday... play that song... play some Maple Story

Quotes n random shit
"Who are you, Stephers?"
"A hood nerd."
"Like gangster thug hood? Or sweaters?"


"You make my flaps clap" - It's like when somebody you like gives you butterflies.


"Like, like... what's it called?"


"I once chopped off a chicken's head on acid. Yeah that's right, I said it. Acid Chicken."


with lasers, anyone can become a slip n slide


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