Drama from 2012

Grimnir learns how to use the wiki
12:26 <+rachel> I think you should look at the vast archive of past edits
12:26 <+rachel> ?recent=&page=5
12:27 <+rachel> that's also why there is a 'preview' option
12:27 <+rachel> see like
12:27 <+rachel> sure lots of pages of wetfish are images 
12:27 <+rachel> but they've been created over time when we want to share something REALLY GOOD
12:28 <+rachel> something I'd want to see again
12:28 <+rachel> again and again
12:28 < Grimnir> so is the lifes goal page good enough or not 
12:29 <+rachel> I like that page
12:29 <+rachel> :)
12:29 <+rachel> but you made
12:31 <+rachel> 36 edits to the butts page in one day
12:32 <+rachel> it filled up the recent activity with repeated content
12:32 <+rachel> :(
12:33 < Grimnir> well there is no draft/publish
12:33 < Grimnir> its only preview or publish
12:34 < Grimnir> and preview will go away if the computer or browser crashes
12:34 < Grimnir> which I'veh ad before
12:34 < Grimnir> easier would be to group edits by same person on the activity page
12:34 < Grimnir> if that is the biggest concern (the page getting edited being repeated)
12:35 <+rachel> I'm sorry but
12:35 <+rachel> those are just
12:35 <+rachel> general images
12:35 <+rachel> about butts
12:36 < Grimnir> they are mighty fine butts selected over hours of wielding through butts
12:36 <+rachel> please remove anything that isn't > 9 on the cool scale
12:36 <+rachel> I dunno I think that's kinda lame to go searching for butts to make a page
12:36 <+rachel> the butts
12:36 <+rachel> should come to you
12:38 < Grimnir> cool isn't an official scale and is very subjective
12:39 <@Denice> apologizing to hmm for saying hmm
12:41 <+rachel> deal w/ it
12:41 <+rachel> welcome 2 wetfish

Rachel and Devnill go to Apogaea
The mumble proxy server restarts unexpectedly. Half of mumble get connection refused errors and mass confusion over connection problems ensue. Meanwhile no one bothers to call/text Rachel and ask her to fix it.

Squid thinks moving everyone in mumble = friendship
6 people disconnect. No one cares except Rachel Except for, y'know, all the people who disconnected.

Ross dies
UPDATE FROM Ross'S DOCTOR: Ross passed away early Thursday morning, November 29th, 2012, from malnutrition. Please keep him in your thoughts.
If only he actually did die and didn't make this post and misspelled 'Doctor' when doing it.

Pstrawberrie Declares to Devnill
"most of this page is about you, Devnill.."
  • Squid can confirm this fact
  • Additional confirmation found on the conspiracies page

Devnill moves Movie Night
Devnill moves Movie Night to Wednesday without consulting Squid because he likes adventure time. Devnill tried to appease Squid by making a page about how to stream movies but squid is too drunk to figure out how to do it.

squid is an enormous buttfaced fartlicker
Squid thinks this page is dumb. HIS FACE is dumb

Devnill yells at rachel because she doesn't want to reconfigure wetfish
 • Devnill wants to use hyper.wetfish.net for a project.
 • Rachel is already using hyper.wetfish.net, but neer set it up so the ads on wetfish break.
 • The next day, Squid notices the ads on wetfish aren't loading.
 • Rachel asks devnill to fix the subdomain that isn't broken.
 • devnill says the way she had it set up was stupid and he should be able to use it.
 • Rachel promises she'll fix all the references to ads within 24 hours so devnill can have his stinky subdomain.
 • Rachel tuebs with pstraw and never fixes it.
 • Devnill gets butthurt because Rachel lied. She says she doesn't want to fix it anymore so devnill shuts off apache.

Fuck that guy.
Atomic_Firedoll super pissed over bearded fat man mural
Nuff said.

CriticalHammer rages at devnill
devnill was telling RedHeron a story about how criticalhammer kissed rachel's neck, criticalhammer got mad.

pokeymanz loses her throne
after much fanfare, pokeymanz loses the edit war with devnill. Bring it bitch!

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