snek-sensei is a sneaky snek

snek-sensei is a person on irc. He is currently serving as the resident therapist of Wetfish, which is kinda funny because he's a psychopath

<@snek-sensei> law of da jungle nigga
<@snek-sensei> dat mean imma good lil nigga?
<@snek-sensei> nigga i'm getting the fuck out of this trash state as soon as my lease is up
<@snek-sensei> nigga you can dump pretty much anything in a slow cooker and it'll come out dank
<@snek-sensei> narcissistic ass nigga
<@snek-sensei> nigga first world countries are the ones with a skewed sense of happiness
<@snek-sensei> pussy ass nigga
<@snek-sensei> dum ass nigga
<@snek-sensei> nigga you sent me like 3 things on discord in one night
<@snek-sensei> you dumb ass nigga
<@snek-sensei> lazy ass nigga
<@snek-sensei> just climb and shank niggas n shit
<@snek-sensei> real nigga
<@snek-sensei> nigga u already at rock bottom
<@snek-sensei> nigga do i look like some kind of faggot
<@snek-sensei> nigga its a plant u just put it in the ground
<@snek-sensei> kate is the realest nigga
<@snek-sensei> this nasty nigga prolly lickin his hands now
<@snek-sensei> lmao what kinda boring ass nigga gonna want ordinary chocolates
<@snek-sensei> nigga
<@snek-sensei> yeah i'd throw milwaukee's best ice under your deck like a real nigga
<@snek-sensei> nigga any retard can say penis
<@snek-sensei> nigga its in the article
<@snek-sensei> nigga i'm gonna need an air searchlight for this one

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