This is the page where we all get to suck eachothers' dick really, really hard.

Emily is a pretty cool person. She's friends with cool people you might like, and brings big bags of popcorn for all to enjoy. Don't forget the extreme cuteness.

Rachel would personally like to thank Leica for being Wetfish's TOP ASSISTANT COCKSUCKER! Having contributed to tabbing with colons on new lines, and auto-linking to IRC channels, as well as numerous development ideas, Leica is BY FAR COOLER THAN MOST OF YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE.

Robin here. Thank you Batman. Helping batman gives me something to do in my spare time other than masturbate, so it's pretty great. ^_^

Rachel would also like to thank Kristy for making the new wetfish logo!!! Have you seen that fish? It's like DRIPPING SWEAT!

HOLY SHIT! CERESDEETIENNE IS AWESOME computerin' in here all "I'm just another anonymous artist" BLOWING THE COCK OFF EVERYONE. My mind is in python, I've never been this erected for anything but cocks before. Wow.

You know the feeling you get when you first find out that the love of your life is cheating on you because she turned up dead from an erotic asphyxiation accident with her other lover? Well, that's how awesome is!

<3 kate

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