Monsanto sucks

Monsanto is a horrible corporation whose mission seems to be to kill all life on the planet in the name of greed.

"To add on, apparently clover (a dicot) used to be a very common lawn plant, along with the grasses we see today. It was much healthier for local invertebrate communities, both in the air and in the soil, and was much easier to spread and grow on your own . When weed-killers were first developed, Monsanto and others couldn’t find a way to kill other weeds while keeping clover alive, so there was a secret campaign to completely turn public opinion the other way and declare it a weed. That’s why the types of plants used for lawns are so limited to monocots. Since this happened, suburbs have seen a complete collapse in healthy soil ecology systems, that has cascaded upwards and led to low biodiversity in undeveloped areas adjacent to suburbs. This is also partially the reason why grains like amaranth and quinoa are not grown and developed in the USA, even though they are relatively healthier and easier to grow compared to wheat and corn."

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