Frob the Builder

Is so fucking cute.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ayy lmao

Also known as Squish
Also known as Tendies

please do NOT put too many words in your comic books!

Please bully Frob, she loves it.

20:23 <@Frob> maybe after they can fix my face without invasive surgery by targeting osteoclast activity at my brow bone
20:23 <@Frob> aka in 100 years
20:23 < Anomaly> maybe you can shut up and girl mode already
20:23 <&rachel> Frob: your face is fine the only problem with your face is your personality
20:23 < Anomaly> bad personalities make you ugly
20:23 <&rachel> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
20:24 < Ozmiander> frob, you're really pretty, you're just unhappy.
20:24 <&rachel> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
20:24 < emergence> tru
20:25 <@Frob> No.

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