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"I'm the Wetfish Wiki, nice to meet you."
That's right,
    The Wetfish Wiki
       The Wetfish Wiki
          It's super cool!

   :Z <3 BREAKING NEWS <3 :Z
      To make things easier, Rachel has implimented cool features like shorthand article links!

That's right, kids! is super-kawaii status. Our features continue to grow like tentacles, grasping unsuspecting children with their slimy suction cups. We want to pleasure you—service your every internet!. Wetfish loves you! What I mean is... Wetfish needs to know what you truly desire to the finest detail!

We bring life to your cool idea for a new feature, eagerly working in the context of our past to create a brighter future! We'll bask in your praise and smile, knowing together we are more than the sum of our parts.

How Do I Wiki A Thing

But before I get carried away, look at all this cool stuff you can already do! It's simple, every tag begins with a keyword and a set of brackets. Whitespace is optional, and most keywords have shortcuts. If you don't like typing Bold or Italics all the time, you can use B or I instead. Tags are also case insensitive.

Size options, like Medium and Small can also be shortened to Med and Sml. With URL, you can link to anything on the 'net. Even give it a description if you want by adding a pipe, |, and some more words after it. The following examples should help you piece it all together.

  •  bold or b 
    Big And Buff Stuff!
  •  italic or i 
    Suave Stuff!
  •  bold,italic or b,i 
    Buff and Suave Stuff!
  •  underline or u 
    Stuff about Trains :)
  •  strike or s 
    Emo Wrists, etc.
  •  color name|text 
    oh gosh I'm shy
  •  rainbow 
    Toto I don't think we're in kansas anymore
  •  spoiler 
    it's a secret to everyone
  •  pre 

  •  big 
  •  medium, med 
    Well I know a guy...
  •  small, sml 
    I live in my mother's basement

  •  left 
    does nothing?
  •  right 
    makes a div with float=right
  •  : 
    start a line with ':' or four spaces to indent it
  •  * 
    start a line with '*' to make it a list element (<ul>)
  •  style css_info contents 
    makes a div with custom css

images and sound

In these cases, if you provide a remote address, wetfish will fetch it and automagically change your submission to use the local copy. Extra parameters can follow the url, separated by '|' marks.
  •  img url_to_image 
  •  img url|pixelwidth|float|border?|caption 
  •  img http://somesite/fishgreeting.jpg|400|right|yes|Nice to meet you 
    see the example above
  •  music url 
  •  music url|autoplay|loop 
  •  video url 
    examples are on other pages

foreign media
  •  url
  •  url fish://articlename 
    rachel can also use double square braces or double curly braces around an article name
  •  url link|text 
    the best internet on the internet
  •  embed click.wetfish.net_link 
    used for when you wish to insert text that won't be parsed with wiki markup
  •  codepen codepen.io_url 
    see example on glitch page

I meant to do that
  •  :​​​Z 
  •  <​​3 

glitch images require an incantation like the following. Works well with big images and animated gifs
  •  style<position:absolute | glitch<absolute_https_url>> img<relative_url> 


There's quite a bit of history, but I still don't feel like getting into that yet.

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   Text color
   Numbered lists
    Actual Sections
   Preview Option
   Inline comments

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