None of this access was ever used, but we did get to see some pretty funny shit. In the backbone of SourceForge (Savvis), for example, we ran into some old SunOS Sparc boxes with 1900+ day uptime. They had passwordless private key auth, and the kernels were fairly ancient (and in the absence of all file transfer utils, `whois` coupled with a few pipes worked great to transfer tgz's served from port 43 - no file editing required). As it turns out, we were not the first ones there. On their Phoenix, AZ stats server, some random hacker was kicking back in /var/tmp/.access_logx/ with a psyBNC connected to Undernet. On SourceForge's backbone -- LOL? We don't think he fully realized what he had breached. Or maybe he just really needed a psyBNC server. Either way, he'll probably have to end up getting a new psyBNC after today. On Github or something.

~ An excerpt from HTP Zine 5

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Hackers (8/13) Movie CLIP - Hack the Gibson (1995) HD

All this talk represents an evolution in Hotz’s hacker ethos. He used to rip apart products made by Apple and Sony, because he enjoyed solving hard puzzles and because he reveled in the thought of one person mucking up multibillion-dollar empires. With the car, the retail software, and the plans to roil entire economies, Hotz wants to build a reputation as a maker of the most profound products in the world—things that forever change how people live. “I don’t care about money,” he says. “I want power. Not power over people, but power over nature and the destiny of technology. I just want to know how it all works.”

, 02:07:14 <Coolty> !quote add <ross> $decode(aSBzdWNrIGNvY2tz,m)
[02:07:14] <red> service Which was like your cock in it?
[02:07:14] <@beryswurld> '<ross> $decode(aSBzdWNrIGNvY2tz,m)' added. (864)
[02:07:14] <red> '<ross> $decode(aSBzdWNrIGNvY2tz,m)' added. (598)
[02:07:23] <Coolty> !quote #864
[02:07:23] <@beryswurld> '<ross> i suck cocks' (864/864)
[02:07:23] <red> '' (599/598)
[02:07:25] <Coolty> lol
[02:07:30] <Coolty> so it decodes text, too
[02:07:45] <rachel> it's a FEATURE
[02:07:49] <Coolty> yeah...
[02:07:50] <Coolty> OKAY.
[02:08:09] <rachel> obviously
[02:08:10] <Coolty> !quote add hey guys guess what? | quit i suck dicks
[02:08:10] * @beryswurld ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: i suck dicks)
[02:08:12] <Coolty> yeah?
[02:08:14] <Coolty> how's that
[02:08:20] <rachel> lol
[02:08:22] <rachel> nice
[02:08:23] <red> City), which obviously gay -^
[02:08:23] <red> 'hey guys guess what? | quit i suck dicks' added. (599)
[02:08:29] <Coolty> wait
[02:08:31] <rachel> lol lol
[02:08:33] <Coolty> why did berysworld quit?
[02:08:34] <rachel> the old one didn't break
[02:08:34] <Coolty> wtf

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