Frob the Builder

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ayy lmao

Also known as Squish

please do NOT put too many words in your comic books!

<FrobtheBuilder, m> holy shit it's just as wordy as the comic
<FrobtheBuilder, m> somehow
<FrobtheBuilder, m> this is the most pretentious shit I've ever seen in my life
<FrobtheBuilder, m> just like the comic
<FrobtheBuilder, m> what a faithful adaptation
<FrobtheBuilder, m> an animation that only consists of hyper articulate treatise on the subject of interpersonal interacions, the kind of thing that should go in a book or opinion piece but for some reason this asshole likes to put this shit in incredibly long word bubbles and now
<FrobtheBuilder, m> dialog in an animation
<FrobtheBuilder, m> apparently
<FrobtheBuilder, m> reminds me of waking life where the whole "movie" is the same thing
<FrobtheBuilder, m> it's hardly utilizing the strengths of the medium

Please bully Frob, she loves it.

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