Ark Survival Evolved


Updates and Info:
Official Arkfish Server Page

Arkfish Unicorn Kingdom @ -- contact: pstraw
Arkfish Classic @ -- contact: micD
Arkfish Vanilla @ -- contact: micD

"It's like minecraft with dinosaurs and no digging." -Rachel 2016
History of server:
  • MicD sets up server
  • Server goes down..
  • Pstraw gets new server host
  • Start from scratch
  • Server host ends up shitty
  • Pstraw gets new server host again..
  • Only character stats are saved...
  • Server crashes like a bitch
  • Server host found to be four terrible con artists with myspace made avatars
  • Rachel saves day with OVH hosting
  • Pstraw uploads the ark and gets the config settings to stick!! it's back

Current Players:
  • pstrawberrie
  • Redheron
  • Voice
  • micD
  • zebzeb
  • Shikamaru
  • BiggyDix (miniking)
  • Shia Labeouf
  • Various friends

Having trouble getting a decent framerate?
Try this:
  • Go into your steam library
  • right click on Ark: Survival Evolved and select "properties"
  • In the "general" tab, click "set launch options"
  • put this: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -d3d10 -nomansky -lowmemory
  • click ok and open ark NORMALLY, NOT IN LOW MEMORY MODE

paraphrased from this link, which has an explanation of what each part of the command does

Dramatic reading of update complaint on playark subreddit


This game is clearly still in Alpha

Shitty host and their ripoff pricing.
RedHeron leaves her mark

oh yeah theres wyverns now.

are you excited yet
did I mention jerboas can wear hats??

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